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Your home is one of your biggest assets. This is why it deserves to be treated that way. Just like the plants and trees on your lawn needs regular maintenance, your roof also demands regular inspection and maintenance. The majority of property owners will never think about their roof until they experience a leak. However, if they have spent on periodic roof inspections, then they would have saved themselves from spending so much on the repair of this leak. Roof inspections done by certified and experienced professionals can reveal minor problems before they transform into bigger and avoidable solutions.

Roofs should be periodically inspected in order to maximize its lifespan. If you are properly paying attention to your roof inspection and maintenance schedule, then you are simply extending its useful life. Not only that but you are also reducing the chances of water damages to the structure of your property. For best results, it is recommended to contact a professional roofing company twice a year for your regular roof inspection and maintenance appointments. Roofing Durham provides top-notch  roofing services and along with customer satisfaction.

It does not matter if your property has a shingled roof, metal roof, or cedar shingles, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows us to do our jobs efficiently and effectively. We have dedicated roof inspectors who are backed by years of training so that they can immediately identify a problem when they see one. We strive to be the best in the business and this is why we only use the best roofing products and materials in order to carry out our maintenance procedures. Our inspection and maintenance process starts will our roofers climbing up your roof. They inspect every inch of your roof and will determine which areas need repairs and maintenance.

Not everyone has the expertise and skills to climb up the ladder and inspect the roof for potential problems. This is where we can help. With years of experience in fixing roofs in the neighborhood, our experts produces accurate and meticulous roof inspection. 

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    Roof Inspection and Maintenance FAQ

    To avoid costly repairs, it's recommend to inspect your roof on the yearly basis. However most roofers suggest roof inspection every 2 years.

    As a rule of thumb, your roof should be inspected at least 2 times per year. You can be proactive and conduct self-checks on your roof to see if there are areas of concern. If you notice something, hiring a professional roofer to check it out will also reduce long term cost. Best season to conduct roof inspection is once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

    The standard calculation on an average would be 1% - 3% based on the cost of your new roof. This should be conducted yearly.

    Homeowners should take the proactive approach and conduct regular inspection of their roof by looking for these 3 major signs.

    1. Stains and leaks in the ceilings or attic space
    2. Damaged shingles whether cracked or missing
    3. High humidity and weather can cause mold when areas of your roof is covered by leaves or moss


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