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Looking for a professional roof replacement contractor? R&D Roofing Durham Pros is your best choice. We service both residential and commercial properties for their roofing solutions.

Expert Roof Replacement

If you are experiencing regular leaks from your roof and despite getting it repaired a number of times, it is still showing signs of issues, then roof replacement becomes inevitable. This is because your roof has reached the end of its useful life and just like any other thing, it should be replaced. It is essential to understand that your roof has a life-span as well. We don't want you to waste your money on repairs and maintenance when your roof has exceeded its useful life. The best solution for this situation is getting your roof replaced. This is the time to call a credible and trustworthy roofing company for roof replacement.

Our roofing specialist can conduct a thorough inspection to determine if there is a possibility to repair and fix any damage areas. We have our client's best interest in mind and recommending a replacement is our last resort. Often these damages occur during inclement weather such as bad storms, old age and normal wear and tear.

Over time your roof ages, and it becomes a higher risk should the next hurricane or sever thunderstorm comes along. This can quickly deteriorate your roof. The average life span for roofs is estimated from 20 -25 yrs.

Roof replacement is a dangerous and messy procedure. But we will do everything possible to keep your life undisturbed and unaffected. We will not hesitate to go above and beyond if it means protecting the integrity of your roof.

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    R&D Roofing Durham Process

    The entire project of replacing the old roof with a new one is quite time-consuming. But we will make sure to finish the job as soon as possible so that you can get back to your normal routine. Our roof replacement process consists of a series of steps.

    • Our roof specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your old roof.
    • A detailed roof assessment report will be created based from the inspection. This will include recommendations for a complete roof replacement only if it is unavoidable.
    • Our experts will construct a detailed roof replacement plan so that our customers know exactly what they are getting into. We provide full transparency from end to end outline target dates.
    • Before starting our project, we will also make sure that your yard and other items situated in the yard are well-protected so that nothing gets damaged from debris.
    • Your expert roofers will start removing the existing roof. Upon complete removal, they will ensure that the decking is free from any kind of damage.
    • Then a new roof will be installed by following the industry standards.
    • After the project comes to an end, our crew will get rid of the debris from your property so that everything is clean and perfect.

    Our company believes in providing quality roof replacement services for home and business. Our overall assessment will result in an honest opinion about the condition of your roof, allowing you to assess your current position with extreme precision. We strive to gain your trust and confidence and will do anything that is possible to ensure the ease your mind of the whole process. After the assessment is complete, we will give you a variety of choices that will work well for you, and equip you with our personal recommendations.

    Durham Roof Replacement Services

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    Professional roof replacement service you can count on!

    If you are ready to take this big step, then we are your best option. With years of experience in the roofing industry, we have earned a reputation for providing the best roofing services at affordable prices. For a beautiful and leak-proof roof, we would be the right roofing company. The reason for our success is our customer-centric approach. We certified and licensed roofers to make sure that they have met and even exceeded the expectations of our customers. We ensure that our customers are delighted and fully satisfied with what we have done to their roof. We do not believe in over-promising. We only promise what we can deliver.

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